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  • Alice Smith

Moxxy Jones Strikes Synth-Pop Gold with 'This Time'

Prepare for a sonic journey as Moxxy Jones, the electrifying synth-pop duo, unleashes their latest single, "This Time." Bursting with energy and emotion, this track is a tantalizing glimpse into their highly anticipated debut album, "Unnoticed."

From the first beat, "This Time" grabs your attention with its explosive blend of electro-pop, industrial dance, and R&B-infused sounds. Moxxy Jones, comprised of long-time friends Milan and Frank, demonstrate their musical prowess as they seamlessly fuse together big vocals, funky guitar riffs, modern synths, and experimental elements. The result? A wistful yet exhilarating sonic experience that leaves you craving more.

Thematically, "This Time" delves into the complexities of leaving a relationship that no longer serves you. Drawing from personal experiences and an eclectic mix of musical influences including Roxette, Kanye West, and Nine Inch Nails, Moxxy Jones delivers lyrics that resonate deeply with listeners. Milan, the guitarist and co-producer, shares that the song is an exploration of pushing oneself to move beyond the confines of a stagnant relationship.

But what truly sets Moxxy Jones apart is their fearless creative process. Unrestrained by ego or genre boundaries, they fearlessly push the sonic envelope, crafting a sound that is both untraditional and unexpected yet undeniably captivating. From catchy melodies to driven beats, "This Time" is a testament to their commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

Listen to Moxxy Jones 'This Time'



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