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Multi-talented artist Prithvi Prakash unveils exquisite new single 'Balance'

Filled with distinctive triggers and a remarkable vocal, 'Balance' is the latest single from Texas-born, Bangalore-raised indie singer-songwriter Prithvi Prakash. Exploring the intricacies of relationships, the track dropped yesterday and is already turning heads. Produced by Aubrey Whitfield (Little Mix), the track has been in the works for two years and sees a wide range of influences from the songwriter. A versatile experience that will leave you not being able to predict its next move, 'Balance' is an unforgettable release.

About the song, Prithvi says., “A partnership doesn't have to be about completing each other. There is beauty in being someone's balance. That is exactly what the song is about.

Inspired by a poem written by a friend for their partner, the song delves into the beauty of showing your affection to your loved ones, whether that's platonic or romantic. Weaving through different diverse sounds, the track is brought together by Prithvi's addictive vocal melody.

Stream 'Balance' below.

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