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Mutant Forest Release Music Video For 'Bound'

Exciting new Electronic Indie creative Mutant Forest have released their thrilling official music video of new single ‘Bound’.

Mutant Forest is the creative vehicle for Brooklyn based artists Blue and Andrew Maeve. Together they draw from a wide palette of creative interests and impulses which are cleverly incorporated into their release of Bound.

"In imagining the music video for Bound, we wanted to use rope bondage as a visual metaphor for the feelings of uncontrollable attraction that often spark a love interest. It’s something that Blue had been getting into with previous partners, and a lot of the visual aesthetics seeped into the song’s lyrics. - Say Andrew of Mutant Forest.

Mutant Forest teamed up with Allie freaksnotcreeps ( for the video who's work has recently been featured on the cover of kingkong magazine.

Andrew continues "We wanted to balance that visual metaphor of attraction as rope bondage, with the idea of a hidden personality, like all the things you don't, or choose not to see about someone when you're swimming in new relationship energy.

Check out the Official Music Video now here:

Video Credits

Video feature: Allie freaksnotcreeps - (

Cinematographer and Co-Director: Crystal Cox(

Makeup Artist: MUA Lindsay Kastuk (

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