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Naama Guggenheim releases new RnB single 'My Lucky Day'

Flair, finesse and floating melodies come to the fore in Naama Guggenheim's first offering of 2021. Smooth instrumentation meets Naama's stylistic vocal in 'My Lucky Day', leaving you wanting more after the first listen. Check it out below:

Speaking about the single, Naama says:

I wrote this song while visiting my brother in Australia and its effect was undeniable! I’m not sure whether it was nature, my family or how lightly everyone reacted to the world, all I know is that I had positivity gushing out of me. My initial intention was to start a healing process and it developed into an incredible lighthouse, a collective call to action. An everlasting reminder that we are in charge of our own destiny.”

Born and raised in 3 different continents (Tel Aviv, Bern, Cleveland), Naama Guggenheim has created a sound that transcends all languages and boundaries through the emotion it conveys. Her music is a true map of the heart, and so is the cover artwork that accompanies it. Her lyrics invite listeners to confront their inner voices and find peace. Fans of FKJ, Lianne La Havas and Jorja Smith are sure to fall in love with Naama’s soulful style. Previous singles ‘Dilemma’, ‘Shot In The Air’ and ‘SOS’ have been well-received, all leading up the release of her highly anticipated album which is set to come out in 2021. This is certainly an artist to watch out for.



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