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Nadia Vaeh unveils new single 'RiSE'

Atlanta native and IMA ‘Vox Pop’ winner, Nadia Vaeh found her way into artistry through modeling and joining a local Atlanta circus.  She started singing in their productions, but this was not the beginning of her artistic roots.

Nadia’s love of music and singing began at the age of two and was nurtured by her parents by placing her into a traveling youth choir. She created small productions with her sisters for family and friends. Her mother was a poet who passed on her love of words, which later fueled Nadia’s talent as a lyricist. Nadia’s life took an unexpected turn at the age of 17 when she lost her mother to suicide.

She dismantled her high-school band and strayed from songwriting and singing for years, other than the occasional karaoke. After this tragic loss, she states that she went down a path of self-sabotage and destruction and used relationships and partying to ignore her pain. When she finally decided to begin again with artistry, she was a shell of a person and looking to anyone and anything for answers to deal with her heartbreak. “I made a lot of missteps when I first began my career and had to learn a lot of things the hard way.”

With her endless resilience, she has grown into a performer, has had her music recently played on international radio, and is looking forward to sharing more of her music here in the US and around the world.

Vaeh loves to pull inspiration for her music through many genres and sounds from all over the world and has been heavily influenced by island sounds from her years spent in the Netherland Antilles island, Curaçao. She also draws from the roots of her father's homeland of Lebanon and has an affinity for middle eastern music.

She has written well over 100 songs born from the things she has experienced.  Her songwriting is not only personally healing but is also a platform to help others heal and make waves with social matters. Her success is a result of a work effort inspired by the successes of other great women she admires.  Having written in several genres, her fascination lies with pop because as she put it, “You can tell a story with an important message through pop music and create positive shifts in the world around us as well as just a person’s mood”

"I wrote RiSE with a couple of creatives I met on a trip to visit a friend in Sacramento, CA back in November 2017. This song is a reminder to slow down and be in the present moment, which is something I definitely struggle with. Our society doesn't necessarily promote us to be still. We don't call ourselves the human race for nothin!" 

"There is so much beauty in slowing down as many of us have been humbly reminded with the recent times. Something in the way this world was designed can, unfortunately, leave many feeling guilty for relaxing and doing nothing, when really a couple of steps back can often lead to a giant leap forward. I've heard friends or even myself apologize to people for taking a day or week off from the hustle. I hope this song is a nice reminder, it's okay to coast and fly away from the flock for a bit and just do you boo!"

“I wrote RiSE in the hope of helping to bridge or repair some of the gaps and barriers between our one human race. When I found Love has no Labels I immediately felt a connection with the organization and their message to the world. After looking deeper I saw their affiliation with HRC (the Human Rights Campaign). Since LHNL does not accept donations from the public, I will be directing proceeds from RiSE to HRC. Happy Pride month! Let's celebrate love for all, regardless of any identity label”.



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