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Nashville Singer-Songwriter Madison Steinbruck to Release Bold Indie Single "Kathryn" 10/21

"...[her] poetic and heart-wrenching lyrics seem to stick to the souls of everyone who listens as if they had been permanently glued there.” - The Internet Made Music

Credit: Victoria Metzger

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Madison Steinbruck is poised to bring indie waves to the country scene with her latest single, “Kathryn,” set for release October 21st. The track, a second single off of Madison’s upcoming debut LP Australia’s Lonelier, is a bold tale of betrayal and loss of trust. Melancholic, guitar-driven melodies are paired with rock-influenced drums and cutting lyrics. Madison’s vocals, which delicately balance an alternative edge with southern influence, set her apart from other artists as she sings, “And I hate that I’ll never see your face/ and that I loved you so deep.”

Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, Madison has been writing songs since she was 5 years old. A move to Nashville brought opportunity as a performer, and fed her passion. Before the

pandemic she moved to Australia, where she took piano lessons and spent time writing Australia’s Lonelier. The album was recorded at East Nashville’s Bomb Shelter. “Kathryn” was written prior to her Australian trip, was resurrected from a demo made with her brother, and quickly found its rightful place as a featured track on the coming of age record.

With a likeness to Phoebe Bridgers and Adrienne Lanker, Madison’s songwriting and bending of genres feels singular in its display. Her honest lyrics are reflected in multi-faceted instrumentation, all of which is played by Nashville musicians. The project is an amalgamation of everything that makes Madison who she is as an artist, traveler, and human. The perfect example of this would be “24,” the first single off of the LP which explores the fleetingness of youth and confusion of adolescence.

Above all, her songs aim to encompass the duality of loneliness and despair, loss and love, the beauty of life and its unavoidable tragedies. She balances the complexity of emotions with poetic lines and moving sonics.

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