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Nat Oaks releases R&B bop ‘London Town’

Nat Oaks wants to dream bigger than her hometown of Gloucester, not only in her lyricism but also in her sound. Her sound is unique, and crafted from a range of influences, creating her own blend of R&B. On top of her obvious talent she’s also taken part in Warner Chappell Music and YouTube Music's Summer Of Pride Writing Camps spending the week co-writing alongside MNEK, SAKIMA, Chloe Latimer and Boy Matthews.

Her latest single ‘London Town’ is proof of her signature sound. Heartwarming synths make an impression throughout the track, bringing the energy. R&B-esc drums pierce through the mix acting as the glue. On top of all of this Oaks voice is apparent on top - infectious, raw and emotional and dances on top of a colourful canvas well. The vocals come off in soft, and this is contrasted with her smartly-penned rap, the transition keeping us enticed.

Speaking further about the release she says: “London Town is all about ambition. Having somewhere you want to get to and constantly striving for it. I’m a bit of a workaholic, but the buzz that London brings keeps me really excited and makes me want to work every day.

It’s also a tribute to the kids from my hometown of Gloucester. It can sometimes feel like a dead end but I just want the young ones there to know that they can do anything they want if they put their minds to it. It gets frustrating when young people are put down. They just need that one person to believe in them. I hope I’m at least that one person they know has their back.”

It’s obvious that Nat Oaks is clear about her own direction and where she wants her dream to take her to. Her EP ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ has already introduced her to an international audience, so the reception has been extremely positive. With this and her incredible work ethic combined, there’s nothing going to stop her reaching the top.


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