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Nat Oaks solidifies her rising star status with ‘Platforms’ EP

Nat Oaks, based in Bristol, is on a mission to breathe new life into the British hip-hop and alt-pop scenes. Making press waves with her previous releases, Nat brings an assertive confidence to her performances, securing her spots at major Nat's career trajectory includes performances at major festivals including Boomtown, Love Saves The Day, Wireless, and Reading. Notably grabbing the attention of Warner Chappell Music, she was given the opportunity to write with SAKIMA, known for his work with Troye Sivan. Endorsed by tastemakers across the country Nat’s notability is on the up and up.

Drenched in soulful instrumentation, Nat Oaks' new EP ‘Platforms’, gives fans an insight into her thoughts and observations, with the artist taking on a conscious introspective across a project filled with modern nostalgia. Bringing together unusual elements makes for a unique and refreshing but familiar sound that shows Nat’s ability to bring a new future to the UK scene across hip-hop and R&B. There’s a clear sense of maturity in this project, Nat’s progress is no surprise looking at the manic two years she’s had building a career, but’s it’s reassuring to have a feeling that this is not the end of the road, but the beginning of a new chapter. Sleek, smooth and thoughtful, ‘Platforms’ solidifies Nat Oaks as a rising star.

Nat explains the new EP, ”Platforms has been in the works for the past two years. It was an experimental time where I was still crafting my sound. It became a really strong partnership with my producer Cal Lewis (Chela Omen). A big inspiration was SYRE by Jaden. I came up with the idea when I was sat on the balcony of my second-year uni house, Platforms explores the relationships between people on all levels. With yourself, friends, and partners. I’ve grown up a lot during this time, and it shows in the development of my sound from the EP to follow-up singles. The songs hold the earnestness of my first EP “Keeping Up Appearances”, yet draw on the difficulties and experiences I’ve had coming out of university and entering the real world.

Tightrope is my favourite track, playing with an old-school boom-bap rhythm. It was born at 1am during a writing camp, evolving from a free-style sofa jam with Cal and Manon Molyneaux on keys. I look back on it as a really pinnacle point in my career, as I had the freedom to explore and get my (many) feelings across. I hope you love the tracks as much as I do, and what’s to come hot off the back of them.”



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