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Natalia Salter releases emotional EP ‘7’ with infectious single ‘Coming Down’

Natalia is an English artist with Peruvian heritage, who splits her time between London and Valencia. Having spent the past years behind the scenes writing and collaborating with artists such as Rose Gray, Rhodes, Kings Elliott, Tim Gallagher, and Kygo, Natalia Salter has decided to be herself and no one else, meaning that her latest offering ‘Coming Down’ is her most authentic work yet.

Emotionally-penned vocals make Natalia's sound signature and are poignant on top of well crafted foundation. Background vocals are heavenly and give her vocals an extra push of energy. These work as a fantastic partnership with emotionally-penned piano lines that alongside soft, rhythmic elements creeping into the mix.

Speaking about the release she says: “Feeling somewhat like a cat with 9 lives, surviving my way through the music industry over the years in various different incarnations; I’ve learned an important lesson…own who you are and be yourself! I'm excited to share my first song off the EP ‘Coming Down’.”

The upcoming EP was written at home, and made Natalia look retrospectively at issues, as well as helping her deal with her present worries. Natalia says: “Within the four walls of my home, writing, thinking, and just being; I found the inspiration to start writing songs again and this EP is an embodiment of that journey. Learning to embrace age, womanhood, and motherhood, whilst holding on to my artistic identity, I now feel ready to connect with the world again.” With the EP on the cusp of coming out, it’s clear that she’s got the potential to rise to the top and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Collaborating with producer James Kenosha (Seraphina Simone) and artist Rhodes on the production, Natalia is proud to present her first introduction song off the EP ‘Coming Down’.

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