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National Service releases captivating new single 'Milktooth'

It's always a great feeling to be in a band with your best friends, and National Service are living the dream in that sense. With different inspirations, the band has brought their own unique offerings to the table which has in turn provided the outfit with their own musical mould in their corner of the music industry.

Their latest single 'Milktooth’ shows this in abundance. Fall to floor drums creates a bold canvas that is painted on by guitar lines that ebb and flow between each other. These guitar lines are packed with emotion, going from ambient to abrasive in the chorus. The vocal is laced with fire and passion and tells the story of mental health.

Speaking further about this, they share: "Milktooth was the first in a rush of songs written after I was signed off on mental health leave from my job as a teacher. Sometimes songs need teased out and cajoled into existence but Milktooth came forth with the force of something that needed to be said. It was more or less the finished form within a day, which rarely happens. I think the chorus lyric is pretty self-explanatory and when I took it to the band to deconstruct and reconstruct it, there was a clear sense that we all resonated with the themes in some manner. It totally epitomises that time in my memory - whenever I listen to it, I’m drawn back to days staring at the wall wondering what to do with my life. It manages to encapsulate that inner storm perfectly - at times it’s aggressive and tenacious at other points it’s subdued and reflective. What’s more, is that when we made the decision to record and mix it all ourselves (mainly due to financial circumstances) it became a testament to the learning journey we’d been on as a band. I think artists tend to shy away from these things for fear of coming across as arrogant or uncool, but for what it’s worth, I think it’s an absolute quality song; one which we’re all very proud of.”

National Service is a ruminative, murky, and lyrical oil slick on stage that explodes with urgent confessional vocals, haunting melodies, claustrophobic chamber harmonies, frenzied grooves, roaring guitars, and searing and damaged sounds. We can't wait to see where they'll take this.

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