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NC Alt-Rock Group OCNS Gears Up to Release Latest Nostalgia-Infused Track "How Late It Was"

Credit: Isaac Buna

Raleigh, NC-based alternative rock group OCNS is back with their latest track, the nostalgic “HOW LATE IT WAS,” set for release on January 20th. With an easy-listening guitar riff, smooth vocals, groove-worthy drums, and experimental effects, the single tests the boundaries of the genre. Wistful lyrics and dreamy sonics pair up to explore the feeling of a waning relationship, using the later hours of the night to emphasize the melancholy of the passage of time. “As their memories fade like passing cars,” lead singer Isaac Buna laments.

OCNS, made up of childhood friends Drew Cooney, Esdras Bouassa, Isaac Buna, and Grandy Zodulua, was formed in North Carolina in 2016. In their own words, “OCNS serves to provide a soundscape rich in catchy melody, infectious groove, and emotional input.” A likeness to The Neighbourhood, The 1975, The Paper Kites, and Vacation Manor is clear; all bands are noted as inspiration for the group. This is particularly evident in their latest track, which was written after viewing The Breakfast Club as a modern take on the synthy sentiments of yesteryear.

Credit: Michee Zodulua

OCNS has cemented themselves as pioneers of the rising NC alt rock scene in the eyes of press tastemasters local and international alike (Stitched Sounds, Plastic Mag, Wolf In A Suit, Clture, and When the Horn Blows). “HOW LATE IT WAS” is an extension of their principles as tight-knit musicians - innovative, meaningful, and connected.

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