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Ned and Wendy The Band! arrive with new project ‘Alive In Los Feliz’

Ned and Wendy the Band! are a Los Angeles-based musical duo formed by singer/songwriter Lindsey Ferguson and composer/producer Jordan Plotner. The pair have just shared their latest album ‘Alive In Los Feliz’, an entirely live recording of a concert held in their living room.

In December of 2019, Lindsey and Jordan collaborated on their first project, a song written by Lindsey called "Pretty Lacy Things", for which Jordan arranged and recorded violin and cello. The collaboration, which occurred remotely (Jordan was in Los Angeles and Lindsey was in New York), was intended to be a one time thing...however, in 2020, when the world went into quarantine, Lindsey reached out to Jordan in the hopes that they could continue to create music together remotely. In the following months, the two artists made over forty songs together, fell in love, and signed a two year lease on a house in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. The bandmates are now engaged to be married, and are ready to share their story and all of their music with the world.

Their album features personal commentaries in a cosy, lively atmosphere, with songs that swing between jazz and folk.



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