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Neontown releases infectious new offering ‘You & I’

Infectious Leeds based pop duo Neontown have an ear for a good hit. Made up of producers/writers Jac and Aure, Neontown decided to start collaborating over the lockdown period, experimenting with different sounds until they got their signature style and their own hold on the music industry. The result of their collaboration was late-noughties pop music infused with contemporary dance. Their sound is now finding its own footing after a couple of years of refinement and their tunes have all the marks for a pop anthem.

‘You & I’ showcases their talent. Synths pierce the mix with a colourful and vibrant sound that paints the perfect backdrop for vocals which are situated on top of an infectious drum beat that provides a strong framework for the track. Vocals can be emotional, raw and packed with emotion, but also swirl into the backdrop when needing the instrumentation to take the spotlight.

Speaking to us about the release he says: “You & I is the first song we wrote together as neontown in 2020, while we were trying to figure out the direction we wanted to take. We worked on this song for so long and had a couple of versions until this one came up and it just felt right! The track is about feeling lonely after someone you love has just left without saying how or why. It's about remembering the good and bad times, the plans, the promises of a future that you will never have together. One thing that we were sure of while writing this song is that we didn't want to make just another sad song: so we created this big gap between the broken hearted lyrics and the big energy and fast tempo of the instrumental so that we could have a big heartbreak/crying on the dance floor anthem ! We wrote, produced and recorded the track in our home studio in Leeds.”

Neontown’s first single, One of Us, was released in July 2020, and came in the form of an electro-pop anthem about self-love, self-awareness and acceptance. They wanted this track to be the first single as it is about who they are, who their friends are and who they want to be. Jac and Aure are passionate about writing material that people can engage and relate to, and with this in mind, we can only see them going to the top.



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