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New Music: Better Strangers - 'Nicotine Dreams'

Better Strangers are back with their alluring sophomore release 'Nicotine Dreams'. Evocative of the post-grunge era, 'Nicotine Dreams' is a nostalgic offering that sonically captures a foreboding atmosphere through soulful vocals and a brooding guitar line.

Alongside the release, which is available to stream everywhere now, the band have also unveiled a minimalistic but impactful visualiser to accompany their new effort. We recommend you go full screen on the visualiser and pop your headphones on to fully immerse yourself in the masterfully crafted 'Nicotine Dreams'.

The track touches upon struggles with substance abuse, loss, and self-alienation. The band explains:

“One of us had a friend that was the emergency dispatcher at a university. She received a call from a group of friends who had just found one of their friends hanging after committing suicide in their dorm. She had to walk them through the entire process of how to cut them down and perform CPR while they were giving her vivid descriptions and details of what they were seeing. This traumatic event stuck with her in the following weeks. After the event, she couldn’t sleep and spent the time she was up chain smoking cigarettes causing the nicotine to be a substitute for sleep itself. Hence the title, “Nicotine Dreams.””

Better Strangers recorded the track at Brain Damage Studios before having it mixed by Grammy award winner James “Jimmy T” Meslin and mastered by the renowned Maor Appelbaum.

With a larger than life sound, Better Strangers have honed their craft already with just their second single and are putting a new lease of life into a compelling genre of music that fallen through the cracks in the last decade.



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