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New Release: COMFORTS - ‘Get Out Your Head’

Indie-rock quartet Comforts are back with a sizzling new single titled 'Get Out Your Head' from their upcoming EP. Once again, the band's infectious songwriting, vibrant intertwining guitar lines, and euphoric energy are on full display in this new release, adding another fine addition to their rapidly expanding catalogue. Produced and mixed by Alexander Gordon, who has worked with Sundara Karma, The Cure, and Rag 'n' Boneman, this single is a testament to the band's creative prowess and musical versatility.

Exploring the edgier side of Comforts' musical style, the new release seamlessly transitions between guitar riffs imbued with the spirit of the chorus and introspective lyrics that the band has made their trademark. This track has a high-energy presence that captivates the listeners, with layers of distorted guitars and amplified chorus complementing vocalist Sam's heartfelt and genuine performance. With a dynamic and infectious vocal delivery that changes with each passing moment, this song adds another dimension to the band's indie rock anthems.

Speaking about the single, Sam explains: "Get Out Your Head is the first song we recorded using a YAMAHA FX500, an audio effects unit from the 80's. Our producer Gordy had one and we instantly fell in love with the sound. It's got this huge reverb setting that gives this shoegaze vibe to the intro and then this crazy distortion patch that is way too much but just fits perfectly for the chorus.

Lyrically the song is about someone talking about you behind your back but having the courage to put it past you and remembering your self worth. ‘Just remember, remember who you are, just remember, as these time's get hard.’ It's also one of our favourites to play live!"

Hailing from Brighton, Comforts effortlessly blend melodic and catchy indie-pop/rock sensibilities. They have managed to capture the essence of contemporary pop's melancholic yet colourful heartstrings, while also embodying the energetic familiarity of 00's indie rock giants. With a fresh and exciting edge that sets them apart, Comforts are a force to be reckoned with in the indie music scene.

Listen to ‘Get Out Your Head’ below:

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