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New Release: juuku - 'tomorrow'

This month juuku is back with yet another earth shattering single titled, “tomorrow.” Juuku has an innate ability to take a culmination of emotions and condense them into one singular song while taking his audience along for a ride with him. One of the most impressive aspects of “tomorrow” that stands out is how juuku is able to synthesize a wide array of sounds and feelings into one coherent track that transcends what a typical electronic song can do. Tomorrow definitely stands out amongst his past releases as it starts out with what sounds like a mystical ticking sound as if listening to an old grandfather clock. This ticking quickly speeds up as the build up begins to take over and drums begin to set in. Both of which lead into a thundering drum and bass-filled drop with a background harmony that you can’t miss. The build up repeats into a static-filled drop that juuku is so well known for. Tomorrow definitely brings the energy while at the same time gives a hint of reminiscence from the past and hope for what’s to come. Juuku in his own words said, “tomorrow is my battle for the present. i spend so much time worrying about what can happen in the future that i forget to appreciate what is here in front of me. this has been such a battle for me these days, and i wanted to put this out as a sonic and visual experience for anyone who has went through the same” - juuku

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