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NEW RELEASE: NOLAN fka - 'Houndstooth'

NOLAN fka has just dropped dreamy new offering 'Houndstooth'. The Detroit-based artist collaborated with producer VIBSNDS on the fresh cut, creating an intimate lo-fi sound that flaunts ethereal synths, a sultry melody and effortless flow.

In his own words about the track NOLAN fka says, ““Houndstooth” is a product of my admiration for outlets such as Soulection, Godsconnect, etc. It has that downtempo soul feel but also shows influence from the lofi community. The beat is dreamy, lyrics are relatable & it’s just an overall solid record that I think everyone will eventually add to their playlists.”

Working towards a new project in 2023, NOLAN fka is honing his craft and working towards a sound that will resonate with the masses. NOLAN fka is already proving himself as an artist with his own unique stance and style. “My previous releases focused mostly on hard hip-hop, boom bap? I hate that term in 2022. haha But now, I’m older & more cognizant of what I dabble in and how I want to showcase it.” - NOLAN fka

Check out the new release below:

Connect with NOLAN fka:

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