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New Release: Sunstinger's EP 'Beyond The Frame' is Here!

Residing in their hometown villages in the surrounding areas of Fife, Sunstinger are notorious for producing luminous soundscapes with their emblematic take on the shoegaze genre. Now the alternative rock quartet release their sleek EP ‘Beyond The Frame’.

'Beyond The Frame' is a four-track offering not to be missed. Kicking off with 'Bonnie's Kaleidoscope', this track sets up the EP perfectly, letting the listener know that they are in for lustrous vocals, fuzzy riffs and an uplifting vibe. We hear more of what Sunstinger do best in the title track but with the penultimate track 'Shadows' a darker, more intense side to the group is shown. The EP comes to an end with the hazy 'All My Friends Are High', transporting the listener into a dream-like state. Overall, 'Beyond The Frame' has something uniquely nostalgic about it with a sense of euphoria that carries each track, making it the perfect accompaniment to a long drive at night or for staring out your bedroom window.

Listen to 'Beyond The Frame' here:

Sharpening their sound with each unblemished release, the quartet list the spectacular Joy Division, Slowdive, DIIV and The Charlatans as key influences for their own creations. Since their 2017 debut the band have sonically excelled, securing a slot at leading independent festival Liverpool Sound City in 2018, coverage from The Sun, Gigslutz, Independent Music News & more in addition to radio support from BBC Radio Scotland, XS Manchester and Fresh Air Radio in the process.

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