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New Release: The Farrago - 'Brownie'

The Farrago are a Brighton based six-piece formed in 2020 who enjoy long walks on the beach, playing music, and extended metaphors. Now the band return with their punky new offering 'Brownie'.

‘Brownie’ is an upchuck of punky, new wave angst, all over the shoes of Blink 182, while they hold our hair back dangling in Spotify's toilet, on a Sunday morning, around 4:23am, when you had indie pop for dinner the night before, then went out and got trolleyed on some 2000s rock.

Achie McKeown (lead singer - The Farrago)

“Our sound encapsulates the Brighton scene; as wavey as the seashore, as bright as the pier, and as loud as the city streets.”

The Farrago exemplify everything there is to love about Brighton, their name (taken from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night) literally means a confused mixture, which is exactly what the band encompass; an array of contrasting characters creating a cacophony from their eclectic range of influences to deliver a punky/poppy/indie edge.

Check out 'Brownie' now!

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