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New Releases: Adam Aronson, 'Rock Bottom'

Following the success of previous singles ‘Bets and Blame’ and ‘When the Tornado Comes’, New York-based Singer-songwriter, guitarist, and recording artist Adam Aronson is releasing his beautifully meditative and dreamy new single ‘Rock Bottom’.

The track was recorded during the first quarter of 2022, with parts performed at both Spin Studio in Long Island City and in Adam's home studio in Astoria, New York.

‘Rock Bottom’ achieves its chilled and introspective sound with a seamlessly-blended combination of acoustic and electric guitars alongside effortless bass, drums, and keyboard sounds. Upon creating this sound, Adam said: ‘This song is about finding a feeling of hope and limitless possibility whilst also living through a moment of rock-bottom acceptance. It’s about the idea that, just when you think that you’ve hit rock bottom, you discover that there exists something so much lower, but also much higher.’

Adam will be doing a series of podcast and radio interviews in spring/summer 2022. A run of both outdoor and indoor performances throughout NYC for spring and summer 2022 are being scheduled to promote ‘Rock Bottom’; his strongest song to-date. One of Adam’s previous offerings, ‘Bets and Blame’, is currently a part of the Spotify playlist ‘Country Music 2022’, which has aggregated over 30,000 streams and 51,000 likes.

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