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New Single: Homeboy Sandman - 'Get Yours'

Homeboy Sandman teases his upcoming album release 'Still Champion' with a brand new track 'Get Yours'. The smooth flowing single highlights an empowering message and flaunts a head-nodding beat that will have you feeling motivated and inspired.

Homeboy Sandman explains the meaning behind 'Get Yours'":

"Arguably my favorite song on the album. I just want for everybody togo out and seize their dreams. To stop being afraid. To “acknowledge that they’ve gathered up the mileage to assert their God given right / and start living like it.” I’m the Sandman. Sandman is all about dreams. Go and Get Yours. Everybody.”

'Get Yours' will be featured on the November releasing album which is entirely produced by NYC-based Deca. If 'Get Yours' serves as a preview of what to expect from Homeboy Sandman and Deca's collaboration, we cannot wait to hear more timeless rhythms, innovative production and thought-provoking lyrics.

Stream 'Get Yours' below:

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