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New track 'Be With You' from Richard Orofino

Brooklyn based singer Richard Orofino has returned with his latest single “Be With You”, from his new EP ‘Spell’.

Having started his musical journey in 2013 Richard Orofino has gone from strength to strength establishing an avid following and multiple acclaimed projects. “Be With You” is an atmospheric and emotionally vulnerable track that boasts a bewitching electro-beat and captivating falsetto vocals from Orofino. The meticulously layered track is framed by the powerful guitar rhythm, the relentless bassline, and many synths that appear throughout.

‘“Be With You’ started as an iPhone recording of my voice humming a melody, which later became the chorus. I wanted it to feel like a song you almost recognized but never existed. Writing the lyrics was a really important moment for me. I got to put myself in a vulnerable position and start saying things I’ve always hid. Anxiety sucks, and so does nervously biting your nails. Being able to speak about these little things that have always heavily affected me was like a weight off my soul. Relationships are tricky sometimes too. But when you’re both truly willing to move forward together in a healthy way, you can feel unstoppably in love.”

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