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New track from JustSideKicks and AfterSound, “Bittersweet”

US production duo JustSideKicks have teamed up with singer-songwriter and producer AfterSound to release their fourth single of the year, “Bittersweet”.

Composed of two highschool best friends, Oren Strobel and Max Streitwieser, the duo has quickly gained notoriety for creating a slick and idiosyncratic sound that combines inspiration from a wide variety of genres. Merging together electronic, rock and pop sounds in new single “Bittersweet” they have created yet another ‘Electrorock’ hit, a term that they themselves coined.

“Bittersweet was made when we were on a music-focused getaway trip shortly after our song "Just Another Memory" was released”, explains JustSidekicks. “It means a lot to us because it is by far the highest energy, most electronic song that we have put out up to this point”.

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