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New Video From Feux

Last Friday, London artist Feux released his brand new single, ‘Let’s Get Lost’. The third release off of his upcoming album, ‘Pure Nine’; ‘Let’s Get Lost’ is a powerful track that draws on poignant mental health topics, and the feelings of isolation and hopelessness that many of us are facing. Produced by Kxmel, and co-produced by Feux and JP Rose; the track is a mellow and soulful R&B led anthem.

Following the single release, Feux has also just dropped brand new visuals for the track. Directed and edited by Tom Reeves; the video follows the songs lead, as it works to raise awareness of mental health issues. And in aid of this; the video has been released in partnership with mental health collective - The Lo

st Bond Project - to launch a fundraiser alongside the video, with all proceeds going towards mental health support for UK youth.

With simple and effective visuals; the video follows Feux and collaborator JP Rose, as they navigate around empty streets, performing the song and living in the moment. As the video begins, we see Feux wrestling with his emotions, and feelings of loneliness and isolation, as he reaches out to Rose for company. Following this, we see the camaraderie and friendship between the pair; and the overarching message of the track and video, that speaks to how the comforting presence of a friend can help alleviate mental pressures.


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