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New York's Bvlcony is tired of frivolous lovers in new single "Waste My Time"

For New York's Bvlcony, there isn't anything worse than someone wasting his time — so much so that he wrote an entire song about it called "Waste My Time." Taking what he learned from growing up amongst rappers & hip hop singers and blending that with pop elements, the track is not only one that many will relate to, but a deft example of the sheer power the rising talent has in his own production and music-making capabilities.

"This song is about a person being fed up with people that waste their time romantically, and being sick of feeling heartbreak constantly," he states on the inspiration behind the track. "This person just wants to skip all the BS and get straight to the point because it's getting repetitive to deal with situations like this over and over. No more games, just focus on what could & should be."

Check out Bvlcony's new song "Waste My Time" now!

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