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News: Abby Nissenbaum Shines On 'Glass Half Full'

Abby Nissenbaum's latest offering, 'Glass Half Full', is a captivating and emotionally charged track that showcases her diverse artistry and powerful storytelling. Released on June 23rd as part of her acclaimed debut EP, Unreliable Narrator, the song is a shining example of Abby's ability to seamlessly blend genres and create a truly mesmerising cross-genre effort.

The track immediately draws listeners in with its eclectic mix of electronic beats, swelling electronic bass, and intertwining guitar lines and glitches. Abby's indie-rock tendencies and pop sensibilities add an accessible touch to the song, making it both infectious and captivating from the very start. As the song progresses, it bursts into a high-octane chorus, where explosive guitar lines and giant synths take centre stage, perfectly complementing Abby's emotive and soaring lead vocals. The result is a heartfelt, exciting, and cinematic musical experience that leaves a lasting impression.

But 'Glass Half Full' is more than just a beautifully crafted song; it holds a deeper meaning for Abby and the LGBTQ+ community. Abby shares that the track serves as a lesbian/queer heartbreak anthem, capturing the anguish of betrayal within a relationship. The accompanying music video, directed by Morgan Jergens, masterfully portrays the intense beauty and pain of a Sapphic relationship as it falls apart. By choosing to release the video during Pride Month, Abby celebrates the power and realness of LGBTQ+ relationships, even in the face of ongoing challenges and questioning from the world.

The EP, Unreliable Narrator, is a testament to Abby's wide-ranging artistry, recorded between Los Angeles and Nashville at the prestigious Sound Emporium Studios. With production credits split between Riley Geare and Matt Qualls, the album blends elements of alternative-pop, folk, and subtle electronics, all woven into Abby's infectious indie-rock sound. Notably, three singles from the EP were released in 2022, with 'Funeral Processional' garnering critical acclaim for its macabre and slow rocker vibe, featuring the trombone expertise of Christopher Bill, YouTube's most-subscribed brass artist and Stranger Things music director.

Unreliable Narrator delves into themes of depression, isolation, heartbreak, addictions, and unreliable self-narratives, resulting in a collection of atmospheric, personal, and emotive songwriting. The EP also boasts moments of explosive and energetic musical expressions, proving that Abby Nissenbaum is a force to be reckoned with in the indie-rock music scene.

In conclusion, 'Glass Half Full' is a powerful and important track that showcases Abby Nissenbaum's immense talent as a songwriter and performer. With its cross-genre allure and heartfelt storytelling, the song and the EP are bound to leave a lasting impact on listeners, making Abby Nissenbaum a standout artist in the Nashville music scene and beyond.

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