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Nicki Wells releases emotive and classical pop single 'Carry On'

Nicki Wells is a classically trained composer, singer, songwriter and producer who has held quite a journey so far. Performing with other acts on Glastonbury's pyramid stage, her solo project enriches herself in the roots of Nick Drake and John Martyn, which you can already brings a real beautiful and progressive sound. Coupling this with her classical background, her latest single 'Carry On' is an emotional and serendipitous delivery of pop-woven magic.

Soft, warm and enchanting vocals is Nicki Wells personified, with the swelling of strings in the background and the forefront piano blissfully drifts you away into the sound world she has so effortlessly created. A simply stunning offering from Nicki, 'Carry On' is a song that is captivating from that very first second, and possesses a presence not many can portray.

Stream 'Carry On' here:

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