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NickiVibes debuts with candid single ‘Anxiety In The Brain’

Sussex-hailing singer, songwriter and rapper, NickiVibes, is an artist whose goal is to provide a safe space for all who are struggling, conveying this in her passion for music. Her first inspiration came at a young age, watching old musicals with her Nan and going to the theatre, songwriting came as an escape years later in her 20s.

NickiVibes’ debut single comes in the form of ‘Anxiety In The Brain’, a track that hopes to encourage and provide a safe space with those who suffer from PTSD, anxiety or any other mental health issue. Nicki does this from her own experience with these issues, diving into the trials and tribulations she’s faced in her life in order to help others to feel understood. The lyrical content is well thought out and emotionally charged, showing a deep connection between Nicki and the song for her own growth. Her vocals are laid over a simple but sparkling beat, made up primarily of reserved piano melodies and hard hitting drums and bass lines.

Nicki speaks on the message of the track, “The message I want people to get from my song is one of hope. For some people just getting out of bed and making a cup of tea is an achievement in itself. Some people don’t talk or can’t talk about how they're feeling, but these people need to realise they are not alone. Talk to people about how you’re feeling, take it step by step and rebuild what you feel you are losing or have lost. You will get there with help from others and by talking.”



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