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Niconé gives us a futuristic, summery sound with his remix of Enda Gallery’s soothing ‘Lean On It’

Enda Gallery’s soothing hymn-like, choral vocals on his 2020 track ‘Lean On It’ are a stunning canvas for Niconé’s glitchy, pulsating sounds, creating an exotic and almost dystopian house soundscape that is potent and dance-worthy. A long-time friend and collaborator of Enda Gallery, Niconé is refreshing what was a soundtrack to lockdown for many fans in 2020, with an optimistic new spin, driving us into the future.

Discussing the original track, Enda Gallery shares: “We lean on each other to deal with life, and we lean on each other to attain great heights and to reach that which is beyond the highs and lows of human experience.”

Niconé’s lush, comforting pad sounds and resilient beats make for a memorable listening experience and we can only hope that the duo team up again soon.



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