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Night Hymns dazzles on his infectious new single 'Drink To Me'

Ever since he first broke through with his vibrant debut single 'Sans Souci' in 2022, London-based artist Night Hymns has always been one to explore a more immersive direction than most. Combining the classic Britpop sound with a more contemporary vibe throughout, he continues his innovative ways once again on the infectious new single 'Drink To Me'.

Much like the glittering array of jams he has been turning out in recent months, his newest outing is a bright and lively return to form throughout. Keeping pace with his distinctly jangled guitar playing at every turn, 'Drink To Me' is another firm and confident effort from one of the more engaging names currently rising through the ranks.

While many offer something similar to the Night Hymns sound, there is something wildly enjoyable about his approach to songwriting and production that allows him to stand out from the crowd. Always maintaining a unique perspective to call his own, he shines as a true innovator on the scene right now.

Enjoy 'Drink To Me' below.


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