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Nikko Tank released new single "Running From"

Hailing from Maryland, emerging artist Nikko Tank has released his new single ‘Running From’. Featuring melodic R&B vocals and a dynamic melody, ‘Running From’ is the latest in his series of impressive releases this year. Presenting an emotive and candid R&B ballad, the song showcases the multifaceted talents of Nikko Tank and his vibrant and diverse artistry. 

With a gentle guitar-led instrumental, the song has a captivating and repetitive percussive beat that runs throughout. Framed by a melodic R&B rhythm, that brings you into the immersive sonic landscape of the song; the passionate and emotive melody fuses together an eclectic array of genres as it injects elements of alt-pop, and subtle rock notes, into the sonic composition. 

Nikki shared his thoughts on the new single:

“It comes from a very vulnerable place and it meant so much to me to get this song finished and ready to share. Running From is an open ended question that I always wanted her to answer but till this day she never has.”

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