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No Serial Killer has dropped new tune Delight Of My Life

No Serial Killer is a very ambitious artist with a distinctive approach to making music, breaking boundaries and exploring different genres and creative ideas. The artist’s most recent release is titled Delight Of My Life, and it feels like a prime example of all the versatility, talent and creative ambition that you can expect from No Serial Killer.

For starters, the sound of this production is very pristine, rewarding for the listener in its clarity and impact, but also warm enough to secure a more intimate dimension that creates a stronger connection with the audience.

No Serial Killer is always able to set the bar higher with different compositional ideas, and Delight Of My Life is no different. This song also comes with a deeper lyrical concept, which makes the song all the more authentic and easy to relate to. Like some of the best songwriters out there, No Serial Killer understands that great music is really all about storytelling. With this release, he aims to share a message with the audience, and not just provide entertainment!

Find out more about No Serial Killer, and do not miss out on Delight Of My Life, which is now available on some of the very best digital streaming services on the web.

Check NSK out on Bandcamp HERE

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