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Nolai releases new track "Through My Eyes"

The vibrant producer-come-artist Nolai aims to bridge the genre gap between R&B, Synth Pop, and Electronic with his latest track “Through My Eyes”. Having mastered the ability to create interesting and energetic soundscapes, “Through My Eyes” is a synth-laden atmospheric track jam packed with an aura of euphoria.

Nolai on the meanings within “Through My Eyes”: "I’ve always had a thing for the night, that's when I feel alive. It has something intriguing that keeps me awake and chases my dreams or has me in my feelings. Especially in the city. Riding through the night in my cabriolet, wild places, colorful lights, women and the rush that keeps me on track and inspired.”

Originally embarking on his musical journey as a producer, in the summer of 2019 Nolai began focusing on developing his talents as an artist in his own right, going on to release his debut single “Slow It Down” later that summer. Having since focused on honing his skills as an artist, his talents for creating dynamic and distinctive soundscapes has effortlessly translated into his own music.

“Through My Eyes” is just another in a long line of expertly crafted tracks from an exciting new musical adventure for Nolai.

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