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  • Nova Holmes

North Carolina-hailing triple threat Gerem3 delivers latest offering ‘Apocalypse’

Photo credit: Christopher 'Sancho' Smalls

Gerem3 (born Gereme and pronounced “Jeremy”), is a force to be reckoned with. He is a dreamer by nature, and a storyteller through his art.

A native of Charlotte, NC, he is a singer-songwriter, dancer, and choreographer that has been performing in numerous singing and dancing productions since the age of 11. Gerem3 notes entertainers such as Prince, Freddie Mercury, James Brown, Michael, and Janet Jackson as music and dance influences.

Gerem3’s first love has always been writing lyrics; a hobby which became his means of creative expression. He credits this process with giving him the tools that led him to finding himself, and it was this celestial realization that has allowed him to bring his art to life.

He is an emerging R&B and pop artist, and all around entertainer who is aiming to target many audiences across the globe. He released his brand-new single ‘Apocalypse’, taken from his forthcoming debut album, Pure Filth, on March 3, 2023.

‘Apocalypse’ is a futuristic, moody, and heartbreaking track. Gerem3 had just finished recording his project when his producer, Krazy Figz, talked him into coming back into the studio. He had created the entire track from scratch, and the lyrics immediately came to him. He cut the record a day later and it felt like it brought his entire project full circle.

Speaking on ‘Apocalypse’, Gerem3 said:

“Heaven call me home, I’ve got nowhere to go” - I was going through a lot at the time when I wrote this song. More than just a heartbreak. I really wanted to expand on the feeling of essentially losing everything.”

He released his debut single ‘Elevation’ in 2018. This opened many opportunities for him as he embarked on his musical journey fully fledged. Since then, he has released his follow-up single ‘Fugitive’ in 2020. In 2022, Gerem3 secured the role of The Scarecrow in an off-Broadway adaptation of The Wiz.

Gerem3's effortlessly astonishing songwriting and high octane performances are gearing him up to be the next R&B and pop star to watch. And with the forthcoming release of his highly anticipated full-length debut album, PureFilth, out this summer, he's looking to take the big stage, festivals, and tours by storm. Watch this space!

Stream 'Apocalypse' below:

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