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O Cinnedi drops dark and sinister electronic anthem 'Envy'

To say O Cinnedi's music is transformative would be an understatement. She has been through a huge journey herself and has realised how dark the world can be. Channeling this energy, she has since developed her own unique and quite frankly mesmerising sound. It's almost beyond words in pure words and description, but her new single 'Envy' is simply staggering.

Full of dark and quite scary vocals with powerful lyricism, the song is captivating. It leads into a dub step meandering around electronic sounds that are pulsating throughout, with then some heavy metal guitars cutting through as well. It's epic, individual and masterful from O Cinnedi, and you simply have to just listen to this for yourself to understand and appreciate her craft.

Listen to 'Envy' in full now:



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