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O’Halloran releases his uplifting sophomore single ‘Future (Sooner)’

Fusing his vibrant pop melodies with pulsating percussion and dynamic synths, O’Halloran is carving out his sound on ‘Future (Sooner)’. With affirmative and uplifting lyrics, the track has a sound that chart-pop fans will relish whilst still taking influences from more indie sounds and alternative-pop vocal deliveries.

O’Halloran shares: “At a stage in your life where you question all past decisions you made to lead you to this point. Now in a positive frame of mind you wish you did that sooner. Now you can see a happier future, a brighter one, surrounding yourself with the people you want and in surroundings you want to be in.”

O’Halloran’s production is crystal clear with an edge that will take him to the next level in his music career, definitely one to keep an eye on.

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