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Olistar releases straight-talking new single 'The Story'

Olistar is a Nigerian musician from Onitsha, Anambra State, and wants to offer an urban sound like no other. With a nod to a melting pot of different inspirations, his sound is a complete representation of him. Growing up, his inspirations consisted of Biggie Smalls, Bob Marley and Fela alongside the inspiration from his mother who was in a band, all of which combined together to ignite his musical passion.

His unique sound can be found on his latest offering 'The Story.' An electronic drum beat cuts through the mix reverberating energy around the track. Synths sizzle in the mix, and provide an extra bit of flair that works hand in glove with his hard-hitting bars. His signature rapping style can be found on top in it's raw and honest format.

Speaking further about the single he shares: "So many youths lost their lives during the Bakassi days in Onitsha and i know that so many youths all over the world are looking for a sign and direction of some sort and I hope to be that voice of reasoning that keeps them motivated and uplifted to chase their dreams and ambitions in life.”

In 2022, he visited the UK to get first hand knowledge of the culture of Drill music. Upon his return, he released the EP “The Return of Olistar” which gave him a boosted audience which is steadily growing. With his new single ‘The Story,’ we can see this being taken even further and gaining even more of a fanbase.

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