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Oliver Pinder drops new infectious single ‘Stressed’

Oliver Pinder is set to make an impact with his newest single ‘Stressed’ - a release that comes after a long departure from solo releases. He’s already been received warmly and actually first gained attention with the song “Dear” in 2015 at 14 years old. Off the back of this attention he managed to support the likes of JP Cooper, Billie Marten, Marika Hackman and more.

However, his latest single “Stressed” is an irresistible offering. A simple but effective drum beat reverberates energy around the mix whilst guitars soaked with chorus lay on top. Vocals are softly penned but infectious and impactful offering the perfect autumnal glow.

Discussing the single, Oliver explains:

“Stressed is about feeling anxious and stressed about the way that people perceive you. When I wrote the song, I was always feeling conscious about how people would look at me, the words I would say in conversation and how people would judge me over the silly little things that were on my mind. What people would say behind my back constantly on my mind, realistically they probably didn't say anything and I was just overthinking. It is trying to rationalize that feeling and telling yourself everyone feels the same way.”

Having stated he’s full of nervous excitement ahead of his newest single, Oliver’s authenticity comes to the fore not just in his writing. With an EP on the way, the upcoming music takes a different approach for Oliver, with a more indie pop sound, the body of work talks about growing up, dealing with stress, anxiety, falling in and out of love.

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