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Oliver Pinder releases the vivid single ‘Pretty Faces’

Wakefield-based artist Oliver Pinder has cemented his place as an up-and-comer right from his debut in 2022. With his first EP, a UK tour and support slots alongside Billie Marten, Embrace, and JP Cooper under his belt, the artist is working towards his anticipated follow-up project. Features at festivals including Barn On The Farm and Long Division and radio play from BBC Radio 6 and BBC Introducing are setting him on an upward path, one we expect to continue for releases to come.

The latest offering from Oliver Pinder is ‘Pretty Faces’ a track that speaks to the struggles that the youth face in a society centred around social media. In his lyricism, Oliver speaks to his own experiences and the experiences of those around him, lacing in themes of self-consciousness and not feeling scene.

He does this through heavy guitar riffs, plucky melodies and a pumping drum part. Vocally, Oliver channels the aggression and frustration he feels into every word, delivering a passionate performance that draws you into the music and subject matter.

Oliver adds, "I wrote this song with my friend Jacob, since I was quite young I have always been quite jealous of other people's looks, characteristics and I have continuously been self conscious particularly in the social media world - scrolling down socials can be a really toxic place. That's exactly what this one is about, feeling envious of people's looks and happy feed friendly lifestyles

This one is like nothing I've made before, we really went hard on the production to symbolise the anger and emotion within the lyrics.

It's so fun to play live, it's a little ridiculous, when the room is there, I've been caught standing on the odd bar or table, it's a little silly, but I LOVE IT"

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