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Overshare Talks Metaphor, Mother Ships, and Indie-Punk with New Single "Spaceships"

Indie-punk stars Overshare are back with their latest single, "Spaceships," premiering today. The group, which hails from Dallas, TX, are known for their melding of rock and pop. It is at this junction where "Spaceships" was born, a groovy bass line and earworm lyrics paired with a quintessentially punk feel.

The group, composed of Eric Rosener on vocals, Connor Wayne on bass, Wil Farrier on guitar, and Josh Reed on drums, don't shy away in their lyrics, either. "Spaceships" was used as a way to discuss the hyper-sexual impulses that come with mania in bipolar disorder, shared Eric. Through this metaphor, and his instantly recognizable rap-singing, the track took shape.

We sat down with Eric and Connor to discuss "Spaceships" and the story behind its production.

Flex: Where did the idea for the song's metaphor come from?

Eric: Well I had the idea for wanting to write about manic impulses, and wanting to do so metaphorically. I just needed to figure out how to make that idea catchy. I know a lot of bands don’t talk about that aspect when they’re writing, but when writing a song I’m always concerned with catchiness as much as depth. I wrote a few choruses trying to achieve the metaphor and the “Spaceships” chorus accomplished that goal the best, while also being the catchiest.

F: Your sound is such a great combination of different genres --- what was it like developing this?

Eric: I’ve always been about sounding unique, and it’s always been something that naturally happened with my music, maybe I’m a bit weird. However, I think that our unique genre blend comes from the fact that everyone writes their own parts, and all of us have different genres preferences. On "Spaceships," which featured our previous drummer Chelsea, we had my punk influenced vocal, her dance influenced drumming, Connor’s catchy new-wave style of bass, and Wil’s more classic, musicianship-first style of playing guitar all coming together to make something special, and very fun.

F: Have you played this track live before? If so, what was that like? If not, are you excited to?

Connor: We’ve been playing this song ever since we came together as a four-piece. It might be the first song we wrote as a four-piece band. It is always very fun to play because of the high energy, and the chorus that always has people singing along. Eric actually once ate a dollar bill on stage just seconds before we began to play the song. It was not planned, he simply asked for a dollar bill from someone in the crowd, got it, then immediately devoured the crumbly dollar bill. The crowd loved it. I guess you can say the song brings out our wild side.

F: What was it like creating this track?

Connor: It was fun as always. It started with a bass line I wrote, Chelsea quickly joined in on drums, and then Wil with that amazing guitar line that I have a love-hate relationship with because it’s so catchy but it also makes fans think we’re a ska band. Over time, we all refined our parts a bit each practice, but the only thing that wasn’t really written on the spot was Eric’s vocals, which took a week or 2 for him to write. For the most part it all came very naturally and easily, which is how most of our songwriting goes.

F: What can we expect from Overshare in the future?

Eric: We’re getting in the studio very soon to record 4 songs that we’ve been playing live forever, but haven’t managed to get tracked. There’s some post punk, there’s some very poppy tracks, there’s a bit of everything. Hopefully you guys will get these songs before the end of the year. We also have been promised an opening spot for the Black Lips, directly from the band, next time they’re in Dallas. Hopefully that pans out! You can listen to "Spaceships" on all streaming platforms today.

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