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P*nut & Franz Job find a magic genre-defying formula on their new track ‘Make Room For Me’ ft Qua

P*nut is a huge industry name that needs no introduction and his new track with ‘Make Room For Me’ with Franz Job and featuring Qua is set to be one of this year’s unmissable collaborations. Fusing reggae rhythms and vocals with hip-hop sounds and dark, alluring melodies, ‘Make Room For Me’ is every bit as catchy as it is innovative.

P*nut shares: “‘Make room for me’ was recorded in a handful of studios between London, Berlin and Tobago. Franz kept on working out different ideas over Rico’s instrumental song from a dvd of the 1970s Jamaican film Countryman.”

‘Make Room For Me’’s powerful and gritty sound is pushing musical boundaries in an addictive way; be prepared to hit repeat several times.

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