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Paul Roland meshes macabre themes and melodies

Psych-pop and goth rock legend Paul Roland continues to entice generations of music lovers with his signature of intellectual song writing and catchy melodies.

From performing across Italy and Greece with a new band of experienced Italian musicians to unveiling his abilities as a composer on three-act contemporary gothic ballet Nosferatu or the Strange Case of Jonathan Harker, Roland's distinct artistry remains constantly entertaining yet evolving with new flourishes.

Rooted in a signature of macabre themes wrapped in melodic instrumentals and led by a distinct vocal delivery, Roland's music has moved through genres as heard in his last album 1313 Mockingbird Lane, as well as taken new forms in the fantasy world of his orchestral ballet

Known for his psych-pop with gothic and supernatural undertones, Paul Roland's 40-year career continues to build a cult-like following while allowing his space to experiment with more niche sounds.

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