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Pharaoh House Crash makes epic return with 'Hoyden to Harridan'

It's not often you hear of an artist returning after a 30 year hiatus, but it's clear that the music simply could not escape Peter Lundy (aka Pharaoh House Crash)'s psyche. A man who has been besotted by the nature of the post-punk, house and reggae genres from a young age, Pharaoh House Crash was born in 1990, with a debut single shortly following before then deciding to take what was thought to be a permanent break.

However, he is now back with a hard-hitting and potent message that still runs true to this day, with 'Hoyden to Harridan', and it's been worth the wait. An expansive list of 120 female authors dating back to the 17th century are listed, all whilst keeping that post punk instrumentation and influence in the background. His Irish accent seems to cut above the noise in a succint and powerful manner, reminiscent of the great Fontaines D.C with almost a spoken word/poetry to his performance.

We hope that there is plenty more to come from the now returning and ever present Pharaoh House Crash.


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