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Plain Mister Smith Further Teases Debut Album With 'Airport Lounge from Hell Feat. Jordan Klassen

The follow up to the stunning previous single 'Flawed Diamonds', Plain Mister Smith's latest look at his upcoming debut album with the new single 'Airport Lounge from Hell'. In keeping with his unique indie come folk sound, 'Airport Loung from Hell' is breezey, bright and even incorporating elements of jazz with it's guitar and bass rhythms. As the track ebbs and flows through it's verse and satirical lyrics the gradually builds towards it's beautifully light, etherial chorus which is complimented by Jordan Klassen's soft vocal delivery. Describing the message behind the track, Plain Mister Smith explains:“Stuck in an airport without a home, Plain Mister Smith perambulates through the Airport’s many aisles and stores desperately seeking a way out”

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