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PleasureInc’s ‘Croissant’ will make you hungry for more

PleasureInc, Norwich's trendy brothers in both fashion and music realms are all about projecting an attitude that is new, old, fresh, and filthy all at the same time. With influences from artists such as Blur, Beastie Boys, and Tyler, The Creator, the duo remains in their lane when it comes to creativity. PleasureInc's sound is channelled through the aliases Kenny Pleasures and Jonny Silver, as well as the band's credo "Join the corporation. Feel good.” Their latest single 'Croissant', is no exception to the mantra: it's as captivating as it gets. Before a euphoric closer sequence that is considerably more contemporary indie-pop, with waggish charm, singable-stomping chorus lines, and a Fonejacker style opening, the song twists and turns through enticing melodies encased in a mid-90s production style.

Discussing the single, Jesse and Louis discuss:

“Croissant was probably the easiest song we have ever written; the entire song just fell out of our heads into the computer. We were obsessed with the idea of embracing the nonsensical, specifically trying not to overthink things lyrically. ‘Tell me what you want / Feed me my croissant’ came out of thin air and just stuck, as did the entirety of the first half of the song. We were channeling Beastie Boys, De La Sol and MF DOOM, opting for playful camaraderie based around the theme of the fake and artificial.”

With the pouring charm of the brothers' proclivity for aesthetics as well as the propensity for music, their new single 'Croissant,' which is out now, will not only make you hungry for food, but also for PleasureInc. Who, luckily for you, you can catch live this summer on the road, performing at a number of shows and festivals.

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