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Poetic New Video from James Millier with Latest Single 'What If This Heart Is Empty?'

UK-based singer-songwriter James Millier is consistently delivering well-written songs with a depth that's hard to ignore. He accompanies his music with beautifully evocative music videos too, working with long-term collaborator Glen Jevon (

In the artist's own words: "The inspiration behind the music video was actually The Wizard of Oz because when I spoke to Glen Jevon who was the music director the idea was to start it in black and white then go into colour just like the film to capture the emotions of the song. Glen and myself wanted to give the music video a cinematic feel so we decided to shoot it in an outside location. We chose the New Forest in Hampshire because it's a truly stunning location for filming. Once we arrived at the New Forest, there was such a wonderful clear sky that Glen came up with the amazing idea to shoot parts of the music video in slow motion to highlight the clouds moving with the melody of the song. Overall the filming for the music video took around 3 hours and then Glen did the editing to make the video it is today!"

Watch James Millier's video for 'What If This Heart Is Empty?' here:

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