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Poison Oak give us a sunny sound on 'The View From Here'

North Queensland Rock quartet Poison Oak deliver feel-good energy in droves on their brand new EP 'The View From Here'.

Opening up with their title track, road trip vibes take on nostalgic guitar licks for a sublime opener to the EP. The record meanders through euphoric choruses and lively drums and harder sounds that show the band's diversity as both songwriters and showmen. The four-piece draw from the different sub-genres of Rock effortlessly as they seamlessly piece together an eclectic and all-encompassing sonic work.

Talking about the new EP and title track, Poison Oak share:

“The View from Here” is our third EP, showcasing a development in our sound from our previous two EPs. I think we really have started to come together more as a song writing team on this one, linking in more with each other and bouncing ideas together. The EP has a wide variation of sound with ‘Beveridge being more a dirty blues song while Hope You Like View containing elements of 90’s punk rock. As for inspiration, the biggest inspiration is, ourselves. We're constantly pushing, to develop our sound a little further. However, we do draw influences from The Cure, Violent Soho, and Smashing Pumpkins to just name a few”.

With support from tastemakers in both their native Australia and in Europe, Poison Oak have made a strong name for themselves and show no signs of slowing down.

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