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Pook Hustle is back with a new infectious single “Grammy”

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Pook Hustle’s new and refreshing take has received a warm reaction from tastemakers and fans a like. With 2022 in the past, Pook has had time to reflect on a fantastic year, but also had chance to plan how to propel himself even further. The solution comes in the form of new single “Grammy.”

“Grammy” is an irresistible new offering that features a melting pot of heavy drums, divine backing vocals and atmospheric synths. The instrumental backing is strong for sure, but still gives Pook Hustle space to fully showcase his infectious bars. His words are heartfelt, soaked in emotion and work hand in glove with his hard-hitting tone.

Speaking about the single Pook Hustle tells us: “The day I created “Grammy” was like any other, after a grueling 9-6 shift, I got into character & “Hustleman” made it work. The idea for the song came from a conquest to experiment with my voice. As a science kid, I’ve always loved things that sound futuristic. Hearing artists like Daft Punk & Kanye West (808’s & Heartbreaks era) at a young age allowed me to visualize new worlds based on sound. What started as a random cook-up session, quickly turned into a spiritual experience after mentioning my deceased step-father “Mr.John” , a kind, charismatic hustler from Harlem who meant a lot to me. After repeating his name in the hook, a powerful energy started taking shape over what you hear today.



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