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Pop/Rock Artist Mary Keey Releases Latest Single 'Stand Up'

Pop/Rock artist Mary Keey releases her latest single ‘Stand Up’, taken from her debut album ‘Digital Me’. Not to be defined by genre, Mary Keey takes influences from a plethora of artists including, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Machine Gun Kelly, and Avril Lavigne. Her willingness to bend genres, push the envelope and always deliver her authentic sound is what has brought Mary Keey popularity across The United States, and Europe.

‘Stand Up’ is no different incorporating Pop elements with hard-hitting Rock riffs to create a genre-spanning single with foot-tapping rock grooves, powerful choruses, catchy melodies and just enough fire to get the blood pumping nicely. As the title of the track suggests the song centres around the point of standing up for yourself, speaking your mind no matter what and not bothering what other people think of you.

Mary Keey’s journey began in 2010 and she hasn’t stopped creating captivating new music since. Year after year she has been able to ride the growing wave conveyed by her uplifting pop music. Now back with her debut album and the promise of touring the Swiss-born Italy-based songwriter is ready to continue her upward trajectory, with this year looking to be her biggest year yet.


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