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  • Nova Holmes

Portuguese, UK-based artist Jodré delivers another hopelessly romantic offering 'conversations'

Effortlessly adopting a vivid, curious and evocative style, Portuguese singer-songwriter Jodré’s work introduces some much needed ‘chill’ into the ether. Forever romantic in his delivery, the artist now returns with his latest offering ‘conversations’.

His work lending itself to an introspective listening experience, Jodré’s musical journey began in the beautiful hills of Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto. Hours of solitary practice and sonic development bore a pure, soulful r&b sound, allowing his visions to come to fruition.

Based between Portugal and the UK, strong influences from both sides of the pond are recognizable in the musician’s growing catalogue. With previous releases like ‘S.H.E.’ and ‘where have you been?’ collectively gaining thousands of streams, the Porto native is preparing for the next chapter.

As introspection and simplicity act as the foundation of his work, Jodré takes artistic influence from the likes of Daniel Caesar, Brent Faiyaz, Giveon, and Frank Ocean; yet presents his authentic sound with his paradoxically gritty but dreamy topline. With a natural talent for riding an instrumental, his breezy while thought-provoking approach provides an avenue for fans to not only relate but reflect.

With five starry-eyed singles firmly under his belt, ‘conversations’ introduces an insight into the intricacies of a first love. Quixotic guitar riffs feed the desires of the listener while blissful, unhurried drum patterns bring the classy r&b track to life.

‘conversations’ represents a new chapter for Jodré, as his first official love song; his rich, smooth delivery coupled with his gentle, mysterious persona makes for a truly captivating artist. With new music on the way, this rising artist looks forward to leaving his mark on the music industry.

“‘conversations' is about the pure feelings that come with the discovery of a new love, in my case my first one, mixed with the dreamy and new-found thoughts about the other person.”

Stream 'conversations' below:



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